Pledging a Positive Campaign

Elections are fantastic opportunities for us all to come together as a community and discuss our visions for the future and how we can collectively make our chosen home even better. Yet, elections also come with a huge potential for causing division, strained relationships, and hurt feelings.  

Our campaign is focused on the former and wants at all costs to avoid the latter.

To that end, we have developed the Positive Campaign Pledge.

I as the candidate, the entire leadership team of the campaign, and every single person who chooses to volunteer for our campaign are being asked to read, sign, and follow our Positive Campaign Pledge.  Our pledge reads as follows:

As a candidate or volunteer with the Elect Marc Doll campaign for Regional Director, Area C:

I pledge to campaign in an honest and fair manner and to remain focused on the substantive issues important to the residents of the Discovery Islands and Mainland Inlets.

When representing the Marc Doll Campaign, I shall not engage in, permit, nor condone any negative or defamatory attacks upon the character of the other candidate(s).

When representing the Marc Doll Campaign, I shall not use, distribute, nor permit the use of any campaign material or advertisement that is misleading, or that misrepresents, distorts, or otherwise falsifies the facts regarding the other candidate(s) or their actions.

The Marc Doll campaign team shall call upon any individual or group whose activities violate this Positive Campaign Pledge to immediately cease and desist from such activities. 

In signing this pledge, I agree to engage in a positive campaign consistent with the provisions above. 

Already during this campaign, I’ve had the opportunity of watching and participating in some incredible discussions where some very different points of view were being presented, all without hostility or ill-feeling and always with respect.  

We all know that the last few years have been hard on this community and if we are to be able to overcome the challenges ahead of us, we are going to need to work together.  Let’s use this campaign as a way to talk about our shared future in the most respectful way possible.

If you would like to check out our Positive Campaign Pledge you can find it HERE.