The Positive Campaign Pledge

The Elect Marc Doll Team wants to make this election as positive as possible.  Elections are a great opportunity to discuss the issues that matter to community members and to create a renewed vision for the future.  However, elections can also be a time when bad feelings arise and divisions are created. 

In an effort to keep things positive during and after this campaign, we ask all of our volunteers and team members to be sensitive to the impact that their words and actions can have on a community, and to sign and commit to the Positive Campaign Pledge.

The Positive Campaign Pledge

As a candidate or volunteer with the Elect Marc Doll campaign for Regional Director, Area C:

I pledge to campaign in an honest and fair manner and to remain focused on the substantive issues important to the residents of the Discovery Islands and Mainland Inlets.

When representing the Marc Doll Campaign, I shall not engage in, permit, nor condone any negative or defamatory attacks upon the character of the other candidate(s).

When representing the Marc Doll Campaign, I shall not use, distribute, nor permit the use of any campaign material or advertisement that is misleading, or that misrepresents, distorts, or otherwise falsifies the facts regarding the other candidate(s) or their actions.

The Marc Doll campaign team shall call upon any individual or group whose activities violate this Positive Campaign Pledge to immediately cease and desist from such activities. 

In signing this pledge, I agree to engage in a positive campaign consistent with the provisions above. 

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