We’ve been hearing from a lot of people who support Marc and his Big Idea of a Community Association for Quadra Island. 

Thank you so much to everyone for your words of support! We know that it takes a lot of courage to come forward to declare it.

We’ve been posting snippets from these testimonials on Facebook, in our brochure, and in our videos.  But we wanted to create a space to share the full text.  So here they are, with the most recent ones being added daily at the bottom of the page.

I have known Jen and Marc Doll since they arrived on Quadra and have marvelled at their integration and contribution to Quadra life.  I am inspired and encouraged by Marc’s vision of a governance model that includes the rich diversity and creativity of Quadra residents and brings the community together to decide the way forward. 

Marc is experienced in grassroots government. He is passionate and confident and will make sure Quadra’s voice is heard at the director’s table.  

He’s got my vote!

Betsy Young

I find Marc to be a sincere listener. He’s hearing me, not just waiting for his turn to talk.

Deb Banta

My husband and I are very much looking forward to having Marc Doll as our new Regional Director, for many reasons, first and foremost, he’s a “Doll”, no one can make that up?!!

As an “oldie” on this island I’d like to say, it isn’t important where you came from, or how long you have been here, it’s all about what you bring to the table!! Marc brings TEAMWORK!! And as he and his wife Jen are farming neighbours, so much help and support/knowledge with our food supply, I can’t thank them enough!!

Kimi Roberts

Marc is a person with “presence”.  He and Jen are well-known in our community for their diligent work in achieving most of their family’s food supply from their own property, underlining their belief in the importance of food security in our region.  

Marc is also passionate and vocal about safeguarding and strengthening the quality of life and a caring-for-our-neighbours attitude here in Area C.  His 16 principles to underpin his approach to decision-making as Regional Director are commendable and comprehensive, and can be read HERE.  

Above all, I believe Marc would combine vision with a reasoned, real-world approach to issues in our region.  This would produce forward-looking, yet practical decisions and solutions.  

Kent Macaulay

As a newcomer to Quadra, I wanted to hold back on getting too involved in politics. After meeting Marc and Jen I could see that they have a very realistic and reasonable approach to decision making that will affect our future on Quadra.  Then when I considered Marc’s considerable experience in municipal politics and community empowerment I was eager to support his campaign to be Regional Director.  Jen’s support for Marc and her impressive resume was the icing on the cake for me to jump into the thick of our first local election. 

Mike Gladish

I will be voting for Marc, as he has proved to be a strong voice of reason. All too rare with politicians these days. I appreciate his values, his willingness to be a voice for everyone, and his ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Kirsten Eastland

Marc Doll gives the meat-and-potatoes kind of answers people want to see on the plate.  No glitter and fairy dust.  No magic promises.  No promise of anything but hard work and possibilities.  I don’t know if it’s the stuff that wins elections, but man is it refreshing to hear a politician who actually seems to understand the core of leadership.  

Bruce Banta

I am endorsing Marc Doll because he came to Quadra to create a place for his family that would provide as secure a future as possible, and he knew that had to include a community equipped to create that future. 

Marc’s life experience, convincingly detailed on his website, makes him extraordinarily well suited for tackling the role of Regional Director with a focus on strengthening the larger community by building on the smaller active communities scattered through the region. Not least, Marc has a terrific asset in his wife, Jen Banks-Doll, who might plausibly have run for Regional Director herself and stands to double the effectiveness of our Regional Director if Marc is elected. 

Susan Stratton

Everyone seeking political office says they are community-oriented, but Marc is setting a higher bar for community empowerment. His sharing of this principled and detailed commitment to specific means by which the regional director would be obligated to constantly consider diverse community advisors (not of his choosing) is a worthy move.

Bernie Amell

Over the years that I’ve known and followed Marc, I’ve found him to be incredibly insightful. Marc’s commitment to solutions in a time of climate crisis, economic instability, and polarized communities means that he is who I turn to for ideas and for hope. We need more people like Marc in local government.

Arzeena Hamir, Regional Director, Comox Valley Regional District

I have known and volunteered with Marc Doll for almost two decades. We met when we were both elected to our local community association board and over the years we spent volunteering for our community I was always impressed with Marc’s knowledge of board administration, governance, and financial management. Marc and I didn’t always agree, but he was an active listener and took the time to hear all sides of an issue.

Marc and I have worked on the same team, opposing teams, and in some cases against one another, but I have always been impressed with his ability to give time to all voices in the room. He understands the need for good governance and he would make an excellent representative for any community. Marc will serve you well.

Victoria Morgan, Calgary

Marc Doll is one of the few individuals I would fully endorse to represent any community, including my own.  It did not take me long to realize after we met 7 years ago that Marc has a gift.  Marc’s broad depth and understanding of governance, finance, ecology, and integrating all systems with a lens that uses the  5 capitals model, (natural, human, social, financial, manufactured) comes naturally, and is critical as we look at adapting to climate change, and developing community resiliency.  Marc’s approach is always thoughtful and well-reasoned, backed by his insatiable appetite to learn. 

I endorse Marc 100%.

Gord Baird, Councillor – District of Highlands (8 years), Owner – Eco-Sense Living

I am inspired by Marc’s vision of a vibrant Quadra Island enabled through an association that includes everyone. While the Regional Director for Quadra Island will only have 1 vote at the SRD level, a Community Association can reach out to various levels of government and work to secure much needed grants to help the community move forward.

While I am unlikely to be selected for a small Community Advisory body, I would volunteer for a Community Association in a heartbeat. Knowing there is a seat at the table for everyone means I have a voice and can listen respectfully to the voices of others.

As someone living within the Q Cove sewage treatment catchment area, I know the pain of being a resident paying for infrastructure development.  If a water supply system needs to be developed, we need to be organized and ready to apply for government dollars when they are available.  A Community Association would enable us to be proactive and get organized around any issue that is affecting our community.

Jenny Zoia

I see hope for real movement forward with a community association working in conjunction with the Regional Director.  Many people are concerned with some big issues on Quadra, for example, housing and transportation. A community association could help create housing and transportation plans, and then look for and apply for grants that would mean real progress on issues that are important to us.  For example, I have two bicycle commuters in my family.  My daughter cycles to work along Drew Harbour. It is not a safe road for cyclists. Both candidates value the creation of safe roadways for human-powered vehicles. I believe a community association, working with the Area C director, could make our ideals and visions happen.

Ramona Aston

Quadrites are very good at stopping bad stuff from happening. When someone wanted to build a dock at Open Bay to have float planes landing and disturbing the quiet, the residents stepped up and stopped it. When Mr. Shellinck wanted to build 51 houses, an RV park, marina etc. on silviculture, residents wrote letters by the dozens and stopped that development. When the SRD used the Alternate Approval Process regarding wharves, people jumped into action and got enough signatures to get that stopped. Quadrites are very good at stopping bad stuff from happening.

What we need is a forum for making good stuff happen. A Community Association can be that forum. A Community Association is the perfect place for regular folks to bring parts of the OCP to life. The desired density in the Cove and in Heriot Bay is not happening. If people are going to have an affordable place to live on Quadra, the vision described in the OCP needs to become reality. This is only one example. A Community Association would provide a place for all the caring residents who step up when there is a problem to get ahead of the crises and make the good things happen. The talent is here. Let’s put it to work!

Leona Skovgaard

From the moment I met Marc, I knew that I was dealing with a genuine person who had integrity.  That authenticity continues to this day.  Marc exhibits many qualities of, in my opinion, a born leader.  Marc holds a positive attitude, inspires trust, fosters potential in others, embraces creativity in problem solving, motivates others through hard work, remains level headed, treats people with respect and dignity, and is humble (ego is kept in check).  I have no doubt that as Regional Director for Area C, Marc will be able to give people autonomy through the Community Association model of self-governance for our community.

Denise Chisholm

Marc is a hard worker that likes to apply his mind to solving community issues. On the fire department, when we run into problems, I’ve seen Marc come up with solutions to those problems. Solutions that we still use today.  

Jesse Millard

On October 15th we have the opportunity and responsibility to vote.  I support Marc because he’s a cooperative and kind mover and shaker.   He’s dedicated to community service and has a global permaculture perspective with an eco logically wise local focus.  I’m voting for Marc because he and family are involved in Quadra Island community in the best of ways, and I like them all.

Sulyn Cedar

We are fortunate to have two good people to choose from for this election.  I have chosen Marc Doll however for a number of reasons.  I have always found Marc open to creative ideas in conversation since I first met Marc and Jennifer a number of years ago.  I learned about their unique restorative farming ideas at his U of Q.  His blog on the Corkboard about the grim state of the planet “But It Gets Worse” enlightened me.  I know he is fully aware of the critical state of urgency to “change business on the planet as we know it” and will take that awareness to the SRD dealings.  I know he cares about community empowerment and I simply love his idea of a “Community Association” for more powerful Quadra Island community influence for funding and action – with the Director as an integrated, independent liaison with the SRD.  Finally, Marc’s past experience with dealing with all levels of government will help interactions with SRD bureaucracy and confronting power at the local and provincial level.  A thick skin is needed for this job and an assertive nature.  Jim had those qualities which he used down in Victoria.  I think Marc will do that too for us.  

Cathy Slater

Marc listens and asks questions in a quest to know and understand how people on the ‘Good Ship Quadra’ feel about important issues that impact our lives. During a time of climate change, they include housing, water, services, food security, drought, and care and concern for our planet and for each other.

Marc is approachable and knowledgeable about the diverse issues that impact the lives of residents of the Discovery Islands and Mainland Inlets.  His work as a farmer and member of various community groups allow him to know first hand, the challenges that must be addressed. Marc and Jen are recognized on Quadra Island for their volunteer work in community groups such as Garden Club and ICAN, and Marc’s five years of service on the Quadra Island Fire Department.

His previous experience on boards like a community association equip Marc to work in partnership with this forum with confidence. His inherent knowledge of the issues, unaided by notes, will allow Marc to effectively represent the concerns of area C residents at SRD board meetings.

Marc, in his guiding principles, has indicated his intention to work collaboratively with the First Nations people in area C. He has a steep learning curve ahead of him, but he has made it clear that he wishes to develop a relationship that is both inclusive and respectful.

I endorse Marc Doll as SRD Director for Area C.

Jan Gladish, acclaimed School Board Trustee for Area C

Marc has my vote! A Community Association would be an independent body working on island issues and any island resident could volunteer. It would have the potential to accomplish far more than being simply an advisory body informing the Regional Director. Marc’s years of relevant experience equip him to work effectively with the SRD and establish crucial relationships at the local and provincial levels. Marc’s very strong awareness of the dire state of our planet and commitment to finding solutions is a useful lens for a Regional Director in this era of rapid changes in the natural world.  I feel we are fortunate to have Marc as a candidate and very much hope he gets your vote as well.

Bonnie Brownstein

Having known Marc for years I can honestly say that I trust him and can count on him to actively listen and take action to whatever task is in front of him, in stressful or hard situations.

Joel Loeve

We met Marc a number of years ago in connection with the Volunteer Fire Department here on Quadra in which we are both members.  Marc is a well liked and respected member of the group, an important thing when lives could be on the line.  

His practical, down to earth approach to problem solving is realistic and inclusive, a sometimes rare combination in today’s world.  

Experienced in community leadership, knowledgeable,  energetic, forward thinking while respectful of tradition, and a love for this beautiful island and its future – a few of the reasons why he has our votes for Regional Director.

Ken and Lynn Embury

We first met Marc at a garden club function, where, when he heard of our vehicle problem, immediately offered his help with a ride.
Later, I encountered him as a member of the Q I Volunteer Fire Dept., where he is a well liked and respected member. 
More recently, we have learned of his intention to run for the Area C  Director on the SRD and learned that he has a passion for the position, which shows in his grasp of the issues and the knowledge gained as demonstrated at the meetings we have attended.
We believe that Marc is amply qualified for the job and will acquit himself well on our behalf at the SRD table.
Peter and Nina Skilton

I have known Marc Doll for approximately 5 years.  Marc is a hard working family and community oriented individual who has the added bonus of being a great team player, as evidenced in his community involvement, including being a volunteer firefighter.  He is easy to talk with, acts with integrity, and has a good sense of humor – something so necessary to get thru life these days.  I think his open mindedness and community spirit, along with his experience in community-building, partnerships, and working with government and the private sector, make him a good candidate for the postion of Regional Director for Area C, which includes not only the Discovery Islands, but a large area around the inlets of the neighbouring mainland.

Wolf Becker and Nancy Allwarden

Thank you SO MUCH everyone! We REALLY APPRECIATE your support!

And then there’s this guy.  Do you know him?  Born on Quadra Island in 1934 and been here his whole life.  He’s a supporter too!