The Benefits of a Community Association over an Advisory Council

Democracy is about choices and you have a choice in this election.  A choice between two candidates that substantively agree on most of the issues, but have two very different proposals on how to tackle them.

Robyn Mawhinney is proposing an appointed Advisory Council.  Its members would represent a broad spectrum of neighbourhoods, organizations and sectors in Area C.  Its purpose would be to brainstorm and discuss issues.  It would be designed by the Regional Director and convened at the pleasure of the Regional Director.  It could also be disbanded by the Regional Director. 

We are proposing something quite different.  We are proposing a Community Association.  Here is a table that outlines what we see as the main benefits of a Community Association over an Advisory Council.

In this election we have a chance to change how we govern ourselves right here on Quadra Island.  We have the chance to leave a top-down Director-driven model and adopt an inclusive approach that invites everyone to participate.  We have the chance to elect a Director with decades of board experience, and the knowledge and skills to support and partner with a new, independent, inclusive, and democratic organization that represents our community and can bring about real change. We have a chance to form a Community or Residents’ Association.